Mulhall’s Website Redesign

loh studio | Visual + UX Design

Mulhall’s is a family-owned garden center based in Omaha, Nebraska. The Mulhall’s brand is rooted in its teams’ passion for sharing the beautiful, the natural, and the authentic. At a sprawling 25 acres, Mulhall’s is without a doubt the happiest, most beautiful place in town.

When the team at Mulhall’s approached us to help them design a new website, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Inspired by the in-store experience, our goal was to make the new website a cohesive extension of the brand.


Brand Experience

The new is a truer expression of the company’s brand values. The fresh, content-first design makes the plants, the products, and the people the focal point.


Building Community

Mulhall’s is more than retail. It’s also a space for learning, sharing, and community. The all new blog and events hub allows Mulhall’s to better connect with their audience and promote in-store happenings.


Talent and Growth

The new features a careers section with an online application form. The new digital form has made the application process simpler and faster for both candidates and hiring personnel.

Website Management

What you won’t see on the surface is a lot of backend design that has made the new Wordpress site much easier to update and maintain. The time savings and ease of use has allowed the Mulhall’s marketing team to focus on what’s important: sharing the beautiful, the natural, and the authentic with their digital audience.


“We set out to build a better-looking website. Through our work with Loh Studio, we ended up with a lot more: a better understanding of who we are, what we're about, and how best to build an experience around that. And as beautiful, concise, and functional of a website as we could have ever imagined creating.”

– Mick Mulhall, president, Mulhall’s